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David Bruce Smith Launches Grateful American™ Series Website

July 3, 2014

The Gratefule American Series New Website
In what ways do you consider yourself to be a Grateful American?

That’s the question that author and publisher David Bruce Smith is investigating in his new Foundation through The Grateful American™ Series.

With the goal of restoring enthusiasm for American history in kids and adults, Smith’s new website, which launches today, is a portal for parents to learn more about the nation’s Founding Fathers, its presidential and historic homes, and its ideals.

“Quite simply, our mission is to make it fun to learn about American history,” says Smith, who borrowed the title for The Grateful American™ Series from his father, developer and philanthropist Robert H. Smith. “My father always referred to himself as a grateful American. He realized that the community and this country have been good to our family, and he wanted to give back. The Grateful American™ Foundation is my way of doing the same.”

A history buff since he was a child, Smith says he’s excited to share his interest with others.

“Educators know history is critical to students learning how to become better citizens by understanding how the country’s political and cultural systems work,” says Smith. “Students need not only recognize leaders like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, but really understand why they were important to the development of our country. That’s where the great stories are. And that’s how we plan to engage them—by telling the great stories of the real people who built America.”

From the veranda along the Potomac River of George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate, to James and Dolley Madison’s home, Montpelier, and dozens more—Smith’s Grateful American™ Series features interviews with the directors of the nation’s most popular historical sites. The website will also feature interviews with historians, authors, and educators whose gift is to bring history to life.

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