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Books From The Past That Are Still A Blast

Summer Reading Recommendations:

JAWS by Peter Benchley; Shark attacks immobilize a small town.

A WOMAN OF INDEPENDENT MEANS by Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey; Based on the letters of the author’s grandmother, Bess Steed Garner was a non-conformist.

LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR by Judith Rossner; A murder based on a true story.

AUGUST by Judith Rossner; The intertwined relationship between a patient and her psychiatrist.

THE FINANCIER by Theodore Dreiser; high finance and romance in the late 19th/early 20th centuries.

LUST FOR LIFE by Irving Stone; The story of Vincent van Gogh

THE GODFATHER by Mario Puzo; Love, loyalty and competition within the Corleone clan.

THE WHITE HOTEL by D. M. Thomas; Sigmund Freud and his opera singer patient are re-visited.

UPSTAIRS AT THE WHITE HOUSE by J.B.White and Mary Lynn Kotz; the Chief Usher at the White House recalls his times with Presidents Roosevelt to Nixon.