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Spotlight On John Marshall, Chief Justice Of The United States

January 22, 2014

dock10The children’s book, American Hero: John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States, authored by David Bruce Smith and illustrated by Clarice Smith, was released in the spring of 2013. It became an instant must-have at museums and historical sites that support the legacy of the nation’s Founding Fathers. And teachers soon learned that “Marshall” helped them teach American History with inspiration. With structured history programs in decline, it’s up to parents and teachers to find innovative ways to expose children to history, and story time is an ideal time to do so. American Hero is one way children can discover why John Marshall was and remains the Great Chief Justice.

John Marshall is a man worth knowing. After a rural boyhood, he fought in the Revolutionary War alongside General George Washington, became a successful lawyer, congressman, and Secretary of State, and was eventually appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, a post he held for 34 years. In this capacity, he almost single-handedly transformed the Supreme Court into the powerful branch of government we know today. Yet few children have heard of him, and many adults are unable to describe his legacy. The John Marshall Foundation, an organization dedicated to educating the public about the life and contributions of Chief Justice John Marshall, wanted to change that, starting as early as possible.

The Foundation sponsored the publication of the book. It was released by Belle Isle Books, an imprint of Brandylane Publishers, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia in March 2013. American Hero: John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States is available from David Bruce Smith Publications or Amazon. It is also available in museums and historical sites.

Reviews by Historians and Educators

“John Marshall reveals a great man and a great judge who was a warm and admirable human being. It is a book young readers will enjoy — and so will their parents.”
Thomas Fleming, Author of First in Their Hearts: A Life of George Washington

“With their evocative words and pictures, David Bruce Smith and Clarice Smith recount the story of a great American life and bring the past alive on the page. This is a book for children and parents to enjoy – and to learn from – together.”
Adam Goodheart, Author of 1861: The Civil War Awakening

“… This is a perfect book for 2nd, 3rd and 4th-graders. It is a perfect teacher’s tool for teaching about and preparing for President’s Day, a Presidential Election and the concept of democracy, as it captures the critical notion of the separation of powers and the role of the judiciary.
Through vivid descriptions and outstanding drawings, this authentic portrayal of late 18th century life will allows young readers to relate to the story through their own lives.”
Ayelet “Ellie” Lichtash, Founder & Head of School, Alef Bet Montessori School

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