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Speakaboos Turns Your Child’s Screen Time Into Reading Time

May 9, 2016

Speakaboos, the educational technology company that promotes learning through interactive media for children, helps young readers learn while they have fun. Speakaboos motivates children of all reading levels, helping them become self-confident, independent readers, through an extensive library of high-interest stories that leverages interactive technology and active learning.

The stories feature characters and topics that interest children including space travel, dinosaurs, princesses, robots and bugs. A recent popular space story is Hayley Rides Into Space, an interactive digital story inspired by Sally Ride, the legendary American hero and first American female astronaut in space. The story features a spirited and adventurous girl, Hayley, who dreams of becoming an astronaut like Sally Ride and exploring outer space. Readers can be inspired by Hayley’s love of space as she prepares for her first mission, experiences weightlessness, and launches her first satellite.