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One Minute Book Shopping

We adore browsing for books in stores. Taking time to scout out the perfect purchase can be a great adventure. But, we also like the convenience of buying them online. Receiving a little brown package in the mail with a big smile on the cover brings instant contentment.

Nowadays that satisfaction can come even quicker–via e-book–and in less than a minute.

thirteen011We have converted three of our most popular titles into e-books, which, by the way, also make great gifts. We refer to the trio known as “The Papa Charlie Books”, because each chronicles an aspect Charles E. Smith’s amazing life.

David Bruce Smith recalls, “My grandfather always wanted to write his rags-to-success-rags-back-to-success story. At the age of 84 he accomplished it with the help of Peter Muller and myself.” In August of 1985, Building My Life, the first biography of Charles E. Smith, appeared.

After his grandfather’s death, at the age of 94, David wrote 13 Young Men: How Charles E. Smith Influenced a  Community and Conversations with Papa Charlie.

All are available in print, or as e-books.

Go ahead: download them from Amazon for a Kindle, from Barnes & Noble for a Nook, or from Google Books for a web browser, smartphone, or e-Reader.