January 2023 Book Recommendations

Mia Farrow’s WHAT FALLS AWAY: A MEMOIR; a daughter of Hollywood to stardom in Peyton Place and Rosemary’s Baby; marriages to Andre Previn and Frank Sinatra, plus a traumatic relationship with Woody Allen.

Stephenie Meyer’s TWILIGHT; a seventeen year old girl falls for a vampire; the first of four books.

Melissa Gilbert’s BACK TO THE PRAIRIE: A HOME REMADE, A LIFE REDISCOVERED; the Hollywood actress and her husband purchase a run-down cottage in the Catskills.

Gerald Gardner’s and Marvin Hamlisch’s THE WAY I WAS; how the composer-son of Viennese immigrants won three Oscars and a Pulitzer by the time he was thirty-one.

Jean Harris’s A STRANGER IN TWO WORLDS; Dr. Herman Tarnower, of “Scarsdale Diet” fame, is murdered by his long-time mercurial companion.