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August 2021 Book Recommendations

Martha Manning’s UNDERCURRENTS: A LIFE BENEATH THE SURFACE; overwhelmed by depression and thoughts of suicide, a therapist undergoes shock treatment (ECT).

Leon Leyson’s and Marilyn J. Harran’s THE BOY ON THE WOODEN BOX: HOW THE IMPOSSIBLE BECAME POSSIBLE…ON SCHINDLER’S LIST; despite six years in death camps; beatings, and hard labor, a ten-year-old boy survives the Holocaust –partially–because of Oskar Schindler.

Louisa May Alcott’s THE INHERITANCE; an Italian orphan is brought to England to be the companion of a lord’s daughter. Written when the author was 17, the novel was not discovered until 1988.

Clint Hill’s and Lisa McCubbin’s FIVE PRESIDENTS: MY EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY WITH EISENHOWER, KENNEDY, JOHNSON, NIXON AND FORD; a secret service agent recalls his seventeen years with the most powerful men in the world; by the authors of “Mrs. Kennedy and Me” and “Five Days in November.”

Joan Didion’s SOUTH AND WEST: FROM A NOTEBOOK; a journalist travels to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and California in 1970 with her husband–writer, John Gregory Dunne.